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The Body Molecular Enhancer Energizer (BMEE) is a Multiple Wave Oscillator (MWO) and Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) device.

It saturates the cells of the body with the appropriate Resonant Energy on which the cells electro-chemical systems depend on. Consecutively the chemical processes of each cell are brought into balance allowing proper repair and operation. When you use the machine regularly it maintains the electrical health of the body at a cellular level. All chemical processes in the body require energy to take place and the Body Molecular Enhancer Energizer provides that energy.

Resonant Energy and Plasma Bulb used in this device were discovered by Nicola Tesla and MWO Multi-Wave Oscillator by Georges Lakhovsky (, about 100 years ago. Georges Lakhovsky was awarded U.S. patent 1962565 for the device in 1934 and had a 98% success rate in treating fatal cancers over an 11-year period using MWO, also effective for arthritis, diabetes, fibromyalgia, tumors, severe back pain, and other physical imbalances.

The Body Molecular Enhancer Energizer machine charges your body cells with Resonant Energy the body needs to function properly and be healthy, it helps the body tune-up.*

It oscillates the cell’s subatomic structure to increase its energy field. This, in turn, charges the total molecular structure of the cell, increasing its energy field size.  Because of the increased energy field, the orientation of the molecule must become more precise to fit in the space.  That provides a better sense of timing between cell components.  Proper synchronous activity in the cell promotes better energy transfer between the cell’s components and other cells.  Proper spacing and timing are critical for normal cell operation.

The use of the Body Molecular Enhancer Energizer creates the resonant condition that allows maximum potential to be achieved in the cell, and that allows maximum efficiency of cell processes according to the DNA code.  The Body Molecular Enhancer Energizer appears to provide the energy necessary to activate and “sync up” the repair sequences in the DNA.  The BMEE also assists the body’s defenses in recognizing damaged or mutated cells.  This occurs because of the individual cell’s resonant field energy; the vast majority of the cells in the body are healthy, they have the same genetic structure and therefore resonate together.

The high-resonate potential provided by the Enhancer brings all of the cells to an equal level, natural way of resetting them to their normal state. This provides the potential for healing to occur at an accelerated pace without stressing the cell.

When the body has enough energy present to operate efficiently, any cell that has a different genetic structure (i.e., mutated or damaged DNA) will develop a different charge level.  But when there is enough energy present, the body can “see” the faulty cells more easily (because those cells have a different resonant speed) and then can dispose of them through regular body processes.  However, friendly organisms that the body recognizes are not affected.

The BMEE powers the body’s immune system, allowing for the removal of toxins at the body’s own rate. The Energizer also creates more oxygen in the blood because it ozonizes the tissues.

Your Body Ability to Heal
is Greater than anyone has
permitted you to

A session consists of the person sitting on a chair or sofa with their feet on the Body Molecular Enhancer Energizer glass foot base that is connected to the BMEE device.  When the BMEE is turned on with both hands on 5" plasma bulb,  there is a buzzing, crackling noise while the energy in the bulb lights up the aura around the hands and feet. 

The machine consists of High-Voltage Box, Glass-Aluminum-Copper Base, Plasma Bulb and Power Strip. The Plasma Bulb contains minerals in the handle which further increases efficiency of the machine.

The Enhancer does not pass current through the body. The transfer of energy is accomplished through induction. All that is used is the oscillating-field voltage and not the current. A person is insulated from the high voltage by glass.

A regular session takes 35 to 45 minutes and they are cumulative in their effect, 5-7 days a week.
For more challenging health issues, or chronic illness, where more energy is needed to recharge body's cells, use 3 or 4 sessions of 45-80 min, for a total of 3 - 4 hours a day, 6-7 days a week.

The Body Molecular Enhancer Energizer is to be used in addition to other modalities and not as a replacement.

The Body Molecular Enhancer Energizer should NOT be used by anyone with a pacemaker, insulin or pain pump!

The body will always seek equilibrium if it is provided the necessary environment in which to heal.  This includes energy, which the BMEE will provide, but nutrients from a well-balanced diet and supplementation are also essential.  A positive attitude and outlook are also a great asset to health maintenance.

*The Body Molecular Enhancer Energizer is an experimental device. The original device was invented by Dan Dial over 30 years ago and it is being used in 26 countries.
The Body Molecular Enhancer Energizer does not heal or cure. It helps provide the energy the body needs to function properly.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This machine is not intended to cure, prevent, treat or diagnose any disease. It charges the molecular structure of body cells with resonant energy, so the body can function appropriately and heal itself when necessary.

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