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Waist Travel Pouch Becomes Holiday Season Hit

Press Release Fort Lauderdale, FL (February 23, 2016) Alpsy® Group is proud to announce that the past holiday season has been a great success for their waist travel pouch. Sales rose tremendously over that time period, and the product nearly sold out. They have now re-stocked on the item so the secure waist pouch can be obtained by more customers.

Alpsy Group's Mark Kazmierczak says: "It seems that a lot of people traveled during the past holiday season, because our travel pouch literally flew off the shelves. We were able to fulfill every order, thankfully, and we have now increased our stock for other customers. We're really happy to see just how popular this item is."

The travel pouch is currently available through the Alpsy marketplace at Travel-Wallet-RFID-Blocking-Passport-Holder. More details about the wallet are provided there, including how it comes with an RFID blocking sleeve. This means people no longer have to worry about their cards being skimmed and their personal and financial details being stolen. Skimming is a very common crime across many popular holiday destinations, which may be one of the reasons as to why this item became so popular so quickly.

Those who purchased and tried the pouch have been overwhelmingly positive. "Bottom Line: Great quality product," says Mr. Dalton. "It's safe, secure and discreet. Just used it when I went to Las Vegas last weekend and it fit easily and comfortably under my clothes and gave me peace of mind for my credit card, ID and cash. Having been pickpocketed in NYC last year, I am always wary of crowded places but I know my valuables (and identity) are safe when I'm using the Money Belt thanks to the zippered compartments and the fact that it's discreetly hidden."

Those who have purchased the travel money belt have hailed its build quality and overall usability. Because they are able to safely tuck it underneath their clothes, they don't have to worry about standing out and making the lives of pickpockets and other such criminals too easy. In addition, thanks to the RFID blocking screen, even those who do notice the pouch will not be able to lift any details contained inside.

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