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Travel Wallet For Passport And More Now Available In More Colors

Press Release February 11, 2016 - Alpsy® Group, a business in Weston, FL, is proud to announce the launch of their new ALPSY travel wallet models. These wallets now come in three colors, which are gray and black. The travel wallet has long been very popular, but customers were requesting it to be available with further customization options so they could use something that matched their personal style. Committed to customer service, Alpsy was more than happy to oblige.

Mark Kazmierczak from Alpsy Group says: "Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. The travel wallet has long been very popular, but since it was only available in black, some customers believed that it would have been better to have it in other colors. We're really happy so many customers raised this issue with us, as this prompted us to add to our designs. And we're even happier to see so many people already like the new designs."

The money belt has been created with safety in mind. It is a sporty, breathable, washable, lightweight, undercover, thin top RIPSTOP nylon design. This includes an RFID blocker that is SGS certified. This means that it protects people's credit cards and other such cards from being skimmed by identity thieves. The bag has been designed with durability in mind, which includes tear and water resistance. The company stands behind its quality, offering a 10 year warranty.

The product has long been very popular with the company's many customers. "Bottom Line: Great quality product," says Mr. Dalton. "It's safe, secure and discreet. Just used it when I went to Las Vegas last weekend and it fit easily and comfortably under my clothes and gave me peace of mind for my credit card, ID and cash. Having been pickpocketed in NYC last year, I am always wary of crowded places but I know my valuables (and identity) are safe when I'm using the money belt thanks to the zippered compartments and the fact that it's discreetly hidden."

The travel passport wallet comes with dual zippered compartments that can hold various documents, as well as cellphones. It can be worn concealed under clothing and has an adjustable strap so it can fit men, women and children alike.

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