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Several New Models Of Pet Deshedding Tool Pro Released By Alpsy Group

Press Release

Three new blade sizes for Alpsy Deshedder Tool were introduced by Alpsy, increasing number of available models to six, tailored to suit wide range of dog and cat sizes. Individual replacement blades became available for the pet owners and groomers.

Fort Lauderdale, FL (August 30, 2015) -- Alpsy® Group just presented several brand-new versions of its deshedding tool for cats and dogs. The device is developed to stop shedding in pets by as much as 90 %. It uses a stainless-steel blade to get rid of undesirable hairs securely and easily. The tool features 3 sizes of removable blades – large, medium and small and incorporates a handy hair release button.

"Now clients can select from large 4-inch (100 mm), medium 3-inch (76 mm) or small 2-inch (50 mm) blades in the very same Alpsy Deshedding Tool Pro or purchase models which come with 2 different blade sizes," states Mark Kazmierczak, director of Alpsy Group. "As the temperature warms up animals begin to shed. Our Pet Deshedding Tool Pro makes your pet feel and look much better while protecting your vehicle, furniture and floors from shedded loose hair".

The pet grooming tool has a comfortable ergonomically designed handle and has been developed by expert pet groomers to make sure that it can be used conveniently by pet owners. The surface of the handle has been created to provide a firm grip. Additionally, it is made from TPE/PP materials to ensure that neither pet nor user will suffer from any irritation or allergies.

Alpsy DeShedding Pet Grooming Tool Pro for Dogs Cats can be acquired through Amazon and has a lifetime warranty.

Since Alpsy deshedders have been launched on Amazon, the tool has received many favorable reviews from pet owners and professional groomers. "I have an English Springer Spaniel that sheds constantly," says one customer. "As soon as I got Alpsy deshedding tool, I noticed that it feels comfortable to the touch, very sturdy, and seems to be well made. The design of the handle makes it easy to hold and comb over my dog. It's remarkable how much hair this little tool got off my dog! A few swipes of this and my dog's coat looks shiny and I no longer need to worry about my pet leaving hair all over my clothes whenever I pet her or she walks by. I also like the fact that there is a hair ejector button that easily releases the hair just by pressing it."

Shedding is vital to dog and cat's health. It helps to prevent skin diseases, allergies and other irritations. Thanks to the Alpsy Tool Pro, pet owners can boost their pet's blood circulation and keep their love ones healthy and happy, and decrease the amount of hair left around their home at the same time.

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