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Pet Deshedding Tool Receives Rave Reviews

Press Release February 09, 2016 - Alpsy® Group, a business in Weston, FL, is proud to announce that their deshedding comb has received rave reviews from their many customers. The company is dedicated to creating products that support the health and well-being of pets, and they are happy to see that the deshedding tool is proving to be so popular. The company understands like no other how annoying it can be to share a home with a pet animal that loses a lot of hair, and they aim to address this annoyance.

Mark Kazmierczak, a director of Alpsy Group, says: "I own a Labrador myself, a dog known for its excessive amounts of shedding. While people may say that they are individual sprinklings of love, the reality is that it is embarrassing to have your guests covered in animal hair the second they walk into your home. This is why we developed the deshedding tool and I'm so happy to see our customers are enjoying it as much as what I am."

The tool is currently available exclusively on Amazon and Alpsy Store at Alpsy DeShedding Grooming Tools for Dogs and Cats and it is now officially a bestselling item. This is mainly due to the wealth of positive reviews that the product has received. It has been used by people who have Labradors, but equally so by those with other breeds of dogs and cats.

The reviews all talk about the effectiveness of the tool. "I am beyond thrilled," says Cherry B. "I was going absolutely nuts with our thick haired dog shedding. I've been vacuuming 3 times a day. I had even considered taking my huge dog to a groomer and having her shaved, as ridiculous as she would look. Really at my wit's end. Then this little miracle arrived. Works like a dream - easily and quickly removed a 30 gallon trash bag of undercoat fur from my dog. And she loved it. She looks absolutely gorgeous with all her nice top coat still in place, but all that lumpy thickness is gone, and so is the shedding. We are a very happy family."

Those who are interested in pet grooming tools are encouraged to contact Alpsy Group as soon as possible.

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