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New Deshedding Brush For Pets

Press Release February 16, 2016 - Weston, FL business Alpsy® Group is proud to announce that they have released a new tool to help pet owners manage and solve their pet shedding problems. The pet grooming tool is designed to be effective, yet gentle and safe. It is already proving to be very popular.

Alpsy Group's Mark Kazmierczak says: "Our tool was developed to help remove pet hair and skin debris. This will help keep pets healthier and keep the rooms in the home clean as well. The tool can be used for both long and short haired dogs, as well as cats, making sure they are happy and healthy."

The tool comes with an ergonomic handle and three different blades. This means it is not just comfortable for the pet, but for the user as well. The blade has rounded edges to ensure safety. According to the Alpsy Group, this tool helps to reduce shedding by as much as 90%. It comes with interchangeable and detachable blades to enable easy head assembly.

Those who have used the tool have been full of praise about its effectiveness. "This is hands down the best deshedding tool that I have bought and used on my cats," says Mario A. "It took off so much excess hair it was wonderful. It did all of this without hurting my cat or kitten. It is absolutely wonderful. For my kitten it offered the most help. Now, his coat looks shinier and healthier. He is all black and you can really tell the difference. It is amazing. I spent 20 minutes brushing him with no problem and tomorrow I'm going to make sure to do it again. All of the hair it got out is just stunning."

People are encouraged to leave their own reviews on the company's Alpsy selling page on Alpsy-DeShedding-Grooming-Tools. Those who have, to date, include not just pet owners, but also professional groomers.

The deshedding brush is quickly becoming a best selling item, with people noting not just its effectiveness and safety, but also the fact that it is highly affordable, particularly in comparison to other brushes on the market.


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