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Money Belt Hidden Under Clothes for Secure Travel

Travel Wallet Undercover Waist Bag for Your Safety

Alpsy RFID Travel walletThe latest Alpsy Deluxe RFID-Blocking Money Belt waist pack, 2017 model.

Alpsy® pouch made of 100% Ripstop breathable fabric with the highest quality YKK zippers, it will fit securely and comfortably around your waist using adjustable elastic strap with secure YKK buckle fastener.
The Deluxe model of travel wallet with built-in 3 layers of professional RFID material to prevent Theft Identity and keep your data safe from electronic pickpocketing.

RFID travel wallet

Product dimensions: 11.5" x 5"  Weight: 2.7 oz, Black RFID Travel Money Belt Wallet
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secure waist pouch

Product dimensions: 11.0" x 5.5" x 0.2" Weight: 2.5 oz, Black with RFID Blocking Sleeve

Alpsy Premium Money Belt is designed to be worn undercover Under-clothing hidden under your shirt or sweater, and could be used over-clothing as well. 100% RipStop fabric is very strong and durable.

If you use Money Belt undercover worn under your clothing, it is hidden from pocket-pickers view, especially recommended while traveling to foreign countries. Indispensable while visiting market places, crowded downtowns, train or bus travel, airports, attending sporting or music events.

Alpsy Travel WalletAlpsy Waist PouchGrey Travel WalletMoney Belt Grey
Travel wallet comes with RFID Blocking Sleeve

RFID shield

ALPSY products have a hassle free, Money Back Guarantee or Free Replacement of the purchased item.

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