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Alpsy Products

Travel Wallet Money Belts

Security-minded traveler going either for business trip or vacation will need money belt waist pack to keep his valuables safe. Also identity theft and electronic pick-pocketing are common these days.

RFID shield prevents accessing your personal data to avoid identity theft, and better security of your travel documents and valuables, while on the road, shopping or vacation.

Alpsy body wallet and passport holder with built-in RFID-Blocking lining is a premium travel accessory gear, lightweight and thin money belt, designed to be worn under clothing, so it’s hidden from pickpockets view. Enjoy peace of mind with Alpsy travel belt pouch.

Body Molecular Enhancer Energizer

Body Energizer charges your body cells providing resonant energy needed for your body to function properly and to heal itself when necessary.

Pet Care De-Shedding Combs

Internationally Best Selling Deshedding Comb with Hair Release Button and Detachable Blade

Dog and cat de-shedding and grooming tools which your pets will love. Alpsy professional de-shedding brush is a perfect solution to control your pet's shedding, having healthier dog, and to keep your house clean.

Alpsy® Dog and Cat Grooming De-shedding tools will help remove pet hair and skin debris shedding keeping your pet more healthy and helping to keep your room clean. Deshedding comb can be used for both long and short haired dogs and cats, keeping them healthier and happier. 

Alpsy De-shedding Tool Pro with ergonomic handle features detachable and interchangeable head blade assembly for easy replacement of Large, Medium or Small stainless steel blades, with safe rounded edges, will reduce shedding by up to 90%.

Testimonials and comments from professional groomers

Alpsy Deshedding brush promotes healthier skin and helps to enhance pets' blood circulation. 

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