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Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging For Alpsy Money Belt

Press Release

Alpsy® Group Introduces Frustration-Free Packaging For Money Belt Travel Wallets.

Fort Lauderdale, FL (January 26, 2015) - Alpsy® Group today announced its participation in the Frustration-Free Packaging (FFP) certification program for Amazon shipments of its Travel Wallet Waist Pouches.

Alpsy Travel Wallets are packaged in easy-to-open and easy-to-recycle material, resulting in lighter and faster to open packages. "Packaging has been tested and certified by Amazon labs, it is environment friendly and preferred by our customers. It reduces shipping volume and saves shipping costs as well," said Mark Kazmierczak of ALPSY Group, division of Fractal Waves, LLC.

The Alpsy Money Belt Travel Pouches are made of durable ripstop nylon and are designed to be hidden under clothes, protecting travelers' valuables, passports and credit cards from pickpocketing.

The Alpsy Money Belts are breathable and can easily be hidden under clothes. "Anyone who travels abroad knows pickpockets are a real problem. Our travel wallets solve that problem with a secure, attractive and comfortable way to carry passport, documents and valuables," said Mark Kazmierczak of Fractal Waves, LLC, the parent company of ALPSY Group. The Alpsy Travel Wallet comes in under 3 ounces versions: Travel Wallet with RFID-Blocking

Alpsy Travel Wallet's material is water resistant and easy to wash. Dual zippered compartments let the user securely store passport, currency, credit cards, tickets, IDs and other valuables. The adjustable elastic waist strap adjusts comfortably to wearer waist size.

The Travel Wallet Money Belt is just what is needed for travel in busy marketplaces, sightseeing destinations, trains and subways, sporting events, and the many places thieves pray upon tourists. Business people who travel also find the Travel Wallet is an ideal way to keep IDs, money, and other documents secure and safe from loss on airplanes and in hotels.

Customers also say the travel wallet saves the person the discomfort of sitting on a fat wallet. This can be advantageous during travel when one must stay seated for extended periods of time.

Users praise the highly durable construction of the Travel Passport Wallet saying it is far superior to others they have owned. "Durability was one of our main concerns in designing the Travel Wallets. People need a money belt that will hold up under years of use, be easy to wash, be light and breathable. You don't want zippers ripping out and the waist strap becoming loose. We found Ripstop Nylon to be the most durable and practical material available, much better quality and durability than the polyester many travel wallets are traditionally made of," Kazmierczak said.

Other reviewers on Amazon point out the comfort of using the Alpsy Travel Wallet Money Belt and the security it offers. One reviewer said after he was pick-pocketed in Chicago, he purchased the Travel Wallet for a worry-free vacation in Miami. About Alpsy Group Established in 2001 in Florida, Fractal Waves, LLC, the parent company of Alpsy Group, expanded its operation into Secure Travel Accessories and Pet Care products in 2007.

Contact: Mark Kazmierczak