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Alpsy Introduces New Pet DeShedding Tool Pro For Dogs and Cats

Press Release

New DeShedding Tool from Alpsy® Pets available at easily removes unwanted hair from coats of dogs and cats, preventing shedding and creating a healthier coat and skin.

Weston, FL (March 10, 2015) – Alpsy® Pets has introduced a new Pet DeShedding Tool Pro for Dogs and Cats available on Amazon or on Alpsy Store at Alpsy-Deshedding-Grooming-Tool-with-Hair-Release-Button

The new tool can stop shedding up to 90% in dogs and cats. It uses a 4-inch stainless steel head assembly that safely and comfortably removes unwanted hair from pets. A smaller blade is available optionally.

“As the weather warms up pets start to shed. Our Pet Deshedding Tool Pro makes your dog or cat look and feel better while saving your car, furniture, and floors from shedded hair and allergens,” said Mark Kazmierczak of Alpsy Group.

The Pet Deshedding Tool Pro was ergonomically designed by pet groomers for use without strain or pain. It features a hair ejector button that releases pet hair when pressed. The tool has a specially designed surface that allows a firm grip so it does not slip during use. The tool is made of TPE/PP materials that will not cause allergies.

“We've had professional pet groomers rave about the thoughtful design that makes the Pet Deshedding Tool Pro so easy to use. Alpsy Deshedding Comb is selling successfully in international markets already. And we're hearing from veterinarians who appreciate how this tool keeps pet coats and skin healthy,” Kazmierczak said.

The coat is the largest and heaviest organ in most dogs and cats. Shedding is a necessary part of keeping a coat healthy and avoiding skin diseases. Many breads shed extensively requiring owners to have to frequently clean furniture, carpets, and cars. The Pet Deshedding Tool Pro enhances circulation while eliminating all the need for cleaning.

For many pet owners shedding starts in warmer weather when tree, grass, and dust allergies are at their worst. The Deshedding Tool works well to help both owner and pet during these times.

For those who would like to try the Pet Deshedding Tool Pro, Alpsy offers a 100% money back guarantee or free replacement.

Alpsy Pets is a division of Fractal Waves LLC operating in Florida since 2001. The group offers thoughtfully designed products that address the pressing needs of consumers.

Contact: Mark Kazmierczak 800-990-2672