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Alpsy Group Releases New RFID Travel Wallet To Help Avoid Electronic Pickpocketing

Press Release March 16, 2016 – Alpsy® Group, a consumer safety and identity protection company based in Weston, Florida, has announced the release of their new RFID blocking travel wallet, which is designed to prevent electronic pickpocketing. The company states that the 2016 model of the recently released RFID money belt features three layers of internal RFID blocking material to prevent theft identity and keep personal data safe from being stolen electronically.

Mark Kazmierczak, a spokesperson for the company states, “When you’re traveling you have enough to worry about. You certainly don’t want to add pickpocketing to the list.” Kazmierczak states that the newly designed RFID money belt will stop pickpockets from accessing credit card data, which he says can be very useful when traveling or when at home.

Electronic pickpocketing has become a major issue, particularly in tourist areas and consists of thieves using devices that will “see” credit card information through wallets or purses. Alpsy Group’s RFID travel wallet is specifically designed to prevent this type of stealing as it blocks the credit cards from being accessed so thieves cannot digitally retract the information needed to use card numbers. The money belt is designed to be lightweight and breathable, and the company states that when worn under clothing, it keeps valuables completely hidden from view, which keeps them even safer. The RFID blocking sleeve is large enough to store passports and credit cards, providing protection for all travel needs, and the sleeve is ISO and SGS certified so it protects credit cards and passports from unwanted scans.

“It’s an issue that needs attention, which is why we specifically design our products for RFID blocking,” Kazmierczak states. Kazmierczak also says that the two zippered compartments allow for storage of currency, IDs, and cell phones as well, and that the elastic waist strap fits up to 48 inch waists. The money belt is also water resistant.

Those interested in learning more about the RFID blocking technology used in Alpsy Group’s products can visit the company on their official website. The money belt and wallet can both be purchased through the Amazon marketplace at the current time.

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