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Alpsy Group Introduces 6 New Models Of Pet Deshedding Tool For Dogs And Cats

Press Release

Weston, FL (August 6, 2015) Alpsy® Group, as introduced six new models of its pet deshedding tool for dogs and cats. The Alpsy Pet DeShedding Tool Pro can be purchased through Amazon or Alpsy Store at Alpsy-DeShedding-Grooming-Tool-Dogs. The tool is designed to stop shedding in dogs and cats by up to 90%. It utilizes a stainless steel head that helps to remove unwanted hairs safely and comfortably. The tool now comes with small, medium and large detachable blades. It also has a hair release button.

"Now customers can choose from interchangeable Large 4-inch, Medium 3-inch or Small 2-inch blades in the same Alpsy Deshedding Tool Pro or purchase combinations of the above," says Mark Kazmierczak from Alpsy Group. "As the weather warms up pets start to shed. Our Pet Deshedding Tool Pro makes your dog or cat look and feel better while saving your car, furniture, and floors from shedded hair and allergens."

The pet grooming tool has an ergonomic design and has been created by professional pet groomers to ensure that it can be used comfortably by pet owners. The surface has been designed to give a firm grip, so that it doesn't slip when it is being used. Furthermore, it is made from TPE/PP materials to make sure that neither pet nor user will suffer from any irritation or allergies.

Since having been released on Amazon, the tool has received numerous positive reviews from pet owners and professional groomers alike. "I have a bullmastiff that sheds constantly and it doesn't help that we live in an apartment either," says one customer. "As soon as I received the deshedding tool, I noticed that it feels heavy to the touch, very sturdy, and seems to be well made. The design of the handle makes it easy to hold and comb this over my large dog. It's amazing how much hair this little tool got off my dog! A few swipes of this and my dog's coat looks shiny and I no longer have to worry about my dog leaving hair all over my clothes every time I pet her or she walks by. I also love the fact that there is a hair ejector button that easily releases the hair without having to touch it."

Shedding is essential to a dog and cat's health. It helps to prevent skin diseases and other irritation. Thanks to the tool, pet owners can enhance their pet's circulation without having to worry about their furniture getting destroyed.

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