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Alpsy Enhances Their Travel Wallet With RFID Blocking Sleeve For Protection From Electronic Pickpocketing

Press Release December 03, 2015 – Alpsy Group, based in Weston, FL, is proud to announce that they have released their new and approved RFID Blocking Sleeve. This sleeve is designed to enhance their existing wallet for travelers that ensures they can keep their belongings safe and protected from electronic pickpockets. It also offers better protection than the cheaper travel money belt, which generally has a low quality lining.

“People need to be able to fight against identity theft,” says Mark Kazmierczak from Alpsy Group. “While it would be nice if this is a world where this kind of crime simply didn’t happen, the truth is that it isn’t. There is certainly a need for protection from those unscrupulous people with hidden scanners who are out there to steal a person’s card details. Our new RFID blocking sleeve can do just that and we’re so happy to have been able to launch it now.”

The sleeve has been designed specifically for the travel wallet. This means it can protect credit cards and passwords from any unwanted scans, identity theft and electronic pickpocketing. The RFID blocking technology uses 275GSM aluminum, designed to block frequencies at 13.56MHz. This is the frequency used in most passport and credit card chips. In blocking these frequencies, identity thieves with scanners can no longer read the details.

The Alpsy travel wallets are large enough to store a thick passport and several credit cards, and are SGS and ISO certified, tear and water resistant, and designed to last about 10 years. People have received it very positively since its original release. “I purchased this Alpsy Secure Travel Pouch belt because I was traveling to South America and security and safety is always a big issue down there,” says Chaverito. “I have to say I am very happy with this product. It was comfortable to wear, not bulky, it kept all my documents and money organized and more importantly discreet. Definitely a great item to have with you for travel because it provides such peace of mind – whether you’re in big cities or rural areas. I love this money belt and will not travel without it. This should be a must have item for all travelers.”

Contact Alpsy Group: (800) 990-2672 Weston, FL